Custom die cutting foam

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Product introduction

These custom die cutting foam is made of kinds of material, such as PVC, Rubber, EVA, EPDM, PE,PU....The shape is different, it is according to your requirement.

It can be manufactured a numerous engineering, construction and industrial components such as Seals, gaskets, washers and belts for machinery. They are generally self-adhesive and easy to install. We have professional machines to cut all kinds of shapes that you want.

Product feature

1.Soft and Elastic ,Shockproof, Insulating ,Flame retardant ,Weather Resistance 

2.Environmental friendly material

3.Recycling foam

4.Light weight and soft foam

5.Durable, reusable and can be use for long time 

6.Good Conductivity, high shielding effectiveness conductive foam

Product application

Automobile, package, air conditioning, refrigerator, home application, refrigeration project, plus skating boots, lining and insole for sport shoes, back cushion for bag and case, surfboard, hassock.