Foam insulated holders pipe support

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Product introduction

Pipe support is the connecting piece between the pipe and the steel structure or concrete bracket supporting the pipe, is a foam of bracket.Use professional foam materials as insulation and load-bearing parts, have the functions of fixing And carrying pipes.It plays an important role in ensuring the thermal insulation effect maintaining the system tightness

Product feature

1.Pipe supports low thermal conductivity, good cold insulation effect, ultra-low temperature/high temperature and volume stability and surface resistance of high-strength pressure resistance。

2.Low moisture, flame retardant benign; pipe support components, factory-assembled into a structure of solid single-body, long life; 

3.On-site installation quick, easy and safe, without changes to the pipeline. Standardized manufacturing, quality, reliability, prompt delivery。 

4.Variety of specifications designed for the needs of all levels of technical and economic choices。

Product application

The pipe supports of air-conditioning frozen water pipes、refrigeration system pipes、domestic water pipes、process pipes and other kinds of pipes.