Double-Sided Adhesive Closed Cell Blue Film Rigid PVC Foam Glazing Tape

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Hollyseal®Double-Sided Adhesive Closed-Cell Blue Film Rigid PVC Foam Glazing Tape

Product Description

Hollyseal® PVC foam tape for glass curtain walls is a foam with a density made of 300-500 kg/m3, coated on both sides with a high tack acrylic adhesive with a blue film lining for easy peeling. It has a closed cell structure that allows curing of structural silicone on all sides of the joints. It is commonly used to form a seal between double glazed units and window and door frames.


Product Structure


Product Features

●High Shore hardness to ensure the thickness of joints

●Closed-cell structure, moisture-proof and waterproof

●Compatible with most chemical silicone sealants

●Excellent weatherability and UV resistance

●Good peel strength and initial adhesion

●Glass foam tape is smooth and flat on both sides

●Flame retardant rating can be customized(UL94 V-0;BS476:Part7:1997 Class1

●Good adhesion on different surfaces, such as: metal; plastic; paper; wood and silicon


Product Applications

1. Glazing system for two-sided or four-sided structures

2. Residential and commercial window glass 

3. Curtain wall glazing

4. Heating and ventilation ductwork

5. Metal, wood, vinyl sliding window systems

6. Automotive and transportation industry


Technical Information

300-500 kg/m3
Hardness(Shore 00)
180° peel strength
 30% permanent compression deformation
Elongation at break≥70%
Tensile strength


                         Flame retardant

UL94 (HBF/HF-1/V-0)

  FMVSS 302 

               The above series can be customized

Note: We can provide ultra-low, medium-low and high-density PVC foam tapes.