Hollyseal® High Density Blue Glass Transport Gasket PVC Foam

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Product Description

Hollyseal® closed cell PVC foam sheet is a high density, high hardness foam material made of PVC plastic as the main raw material. The surface is crusty, the appearance is flat and smooth, and the structure of the bubble pore is relatively fine. PVC foam with sealing, vibration damping, sound insulation and thermal insulation is widely used. Its high-density structure suppresses vibrations and provides excellent support and good abrasion resistance, and is suitable for industries such as industry and construction.

Product Features

1.Closed-cell foam structure, with excellent dustproof and waterproof performance 

2.Sound and vibration dampening 

3.Good insulation performance

4.Resistant to most solvents and chemicals

5.Strong internal structure, tear resistant

6.Pressure sensitive adhesive available

7.Good dimensional stability

8.Flame retardant grade can be customized(UL94 V-0;BS476:Part7:1997 Class1

Product Applications

1.Heating and ventilation duct systems

2.Mounting tapes for window frame structures and curtain walls

3.Automobile parts

4.High-speed rail, ships  

5.Water tanks, storage equipment 

6.Construction machinery

7.Electronic equipment

8.Construction industry

9.Glass transportation

Technical Information

350±50 kg/m3
Hardness(Shore 00)
Tear strength
 30%permanent compression deformation
Elongation at break≥100%
Tensile strength


                           Flame retardant

UL94 (HBF/HF-1/V-0) 

FMVSS 302 

             The above series can be customized

Note: We can provide ultra-low, medium-low and high-density PVC foam tapes.