Hollyseal® 1.6mm Thick Low Density Soft PVC Foam for Dust Sealing

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Product Description

Hollyseal® low density foam is a soft, closed-cell PVC foam that provides excellent sealing against water, dust, light and other substances at various compression levels, and also provides cushioning and shock absorption when structural components are installed. The surface of the foam can be protected with self-adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive, paper or release film according to the needs of use. In addition, the density (130±20 kg/m³), thickness (1.5-25 mm), hardness, and compression rebound of the foam can be adjusted to provide performance for a variety of applications. It is suitable for various applications such as automotive sheet metal vibration damping sealing, water tank sealing, HVAC sealing, door and window roof weather stripping, electrical and electronic vibration damping sealing, power battery sealing and cushioning, die-cutting gaskets, etc. for dustproof, waterproof, vibration damping, cushioning, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc.

Product Features

1. Foam can play an excellent role in sealing water, dust, light and other substances after 30% compression

2. Low density foam is easy to compress and fit, and has good rebound and recovery properties

3. Excellent shock absorption and sound insulation performance

4. Good anti-UV performance and weather resistance

5. Good resistance to acid and alkali

6. Wide range of use temperature

7. Flame retardant grade can be customized (UL-94-V-0 class/ BS476:part7:1997 classⅠ)

Product Applications

1.Car body shock absorption   2.Door and window roof weather stripping   3.HVAC sealing   4.Electrical sealing   5.Refrigerator sealing

6.Electronic equipment sealing   7.Mechanical housing sealing    8.Outdoor lighting fixtures  

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Technical Information

Flame retardantUL-94 V-0
Tensile strength≥300kPa
Elongation at break≥130%
90° peel strength≥2N/10mm
25%Strain compression≥0.2kg/cm2